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Favourite Places To Eat In Swansea

Finding Your Favorite Places to Eat In Swansea

Like many beautiful places to visit and there are many places to eat in Swansea. One of the best things advised would be to sample food from one of the top restaurants in the region. Eating is always an important element of anyone’s travel be it a local or even a tourist and knowing where is best to eat is normally an added advantage.

Listed below are some famous places to eat in Swansea which have been known to give nothing but the best services.

La Parrilla

La Parrilla is one of best places to eat in Swansea

Located in the beautiful SA1 redevelopment, this is one of the finest places to eat in Swansea for a taste of comfort, style, luxury, comfort and class. The La Parrilla menu can be easily accessed online but actually visiting the venue is what tends to stand out. From the beautifully decorated surroundings, it’s grand piano located inside the bar and the focal entrance which has its own water feature La Parrilla is really one of the places in Swansea not to miss out on. Also having different events which have been based around wine tasting and the bringing of interesting new flavours and experiences to the public.You can make a reservation by booking online or calling the restaurant direct. La Parrilla is also on Facebook and takes its messages and reviews very seriously making it the perfect solution when looking for the best places to eat in Swansea.

In addition, every Sunday afternoon, the restaurant in Swansea tends to invite some of UK’s best acoustic talents to its very beautiful waterside location.

La Braseria

La Braseria in Swansea is a great restaurant in Swansea

At La Braseria, there is normally a specialisation of freshly locally sourced food which is then accompanied with one of the largest selection of wine which are all available in rustic bodega setting. The venue is just full of quality, value and class. La Braseria has been around for over 3 decades offering a different experience for diners. When taking a seat at La Braseria the customer can physically choose their exact cut of meat, which meat they want or also a particular fish dish. This is then taken over to La Braseria’s expert chefs and cooked to the way you have asked to absolute perfection. La Braseria has become one of top places to eat in Swansea to find that perfect steak.

Five Guys

Five Guys

Having grown the restaurant since the year 1986, the restaurant has not once changed its recipe as to date, it still remains the same. Offering nothing but the freshest food, the restaurant is definitely a place to visit for next generation fast food. Meals are readily available and prepared once ordered hence makes it very simple yet safe.


The Optimist Bar & Kitchen Uplands

The Optimist Bar

Offering one of the best coffees in the region, the Optimistic Bar & Kitchen Uplands is definitely the place to visit for your hot beverage needs. In addition, the restaurant also serves freshly baked cakes and other pastries as well as being able to get a  delicious breakfast.

The service is normally efficient and customers are  actually advised to visit the place as it tends to be very peaceful to just chill out and unwind.

In conclusion, there are a vast array of places to eat in Swansea and the public are simply spoiled for choice. Make sure you take the time to visit some of the restaurants mentioned in this blog. For fast food try out the Five Guys but for a truly perfect dining experience we would love to have you take a seat with us at La Parrilla or even La Braseria for that real touch of class.