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June is upon us and with it brings the great British summer

June is upon us and with it brings the great British summer (you’ve got to admit guys we’ve had our three weeks of sun) for most chefs this brings the busiest time of year, not only for custom but with the abundance of fresh local produce that comes with it. Here in south wales we are quite fortunate In what surrounds us, beautiful coast lines with an array of local fish which if you’re not a keen angler but more of a weekend shopper you can easily purchase these delights from Swansea market or one of the many farmers markets that frequent our streets on the weekends. You also have a wide selection of arable farms which bring us fresh vegetables and the more prized welsh lamb.

At La Parrilla we believe that the old ways are best and stick to tradition. We currently have a slowly braised lamb shank and creamed mash potato, redcurrant jus which for any other chef reading this will most probably think this dish far too dated to be on any menu let alone on a menu in a popular and modern continental restaurant. But for me it is a reminder of times of old, modern food wouldn’t be where it is today without dishes such as this one, most chefs would have had this cooked for them by their parents or grandparents (I’m hoping most of you will take a ponderous nostalgic moment) for most though this dish would a good representation of comfort food, although a hearty dish, it lends itself to a less intimidating meal by using welsh lamb, its saltiness and earthy flavours aren’t as over whelming as say a Texel lamb being herded in the heart of Northumbria or Yorkshire. This dish is also a good reminder that winter is coming (had to get a Got quote in there for you diehard fans who are eagerly awaiting) and its ok to pack on a few extra pounds ready to get through those cold winter months but still able to enjoy on a warm summers evening with a glass of pinot noir or rioja overlooking the marina and soon to be Swansea bay.